Shop the Mermaid Queen Look

An Exclusive Gem from the Sacred Waters 2024 Collection

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the ocean with the "Shop the Look" feature, presenting the majestic Mermaid Queen ensemble, a highlight of Viviana Puello's Sacred Waters 2024 Collection unveiled at New York Fashion Week. This exclusive selection is not just jewelry; it's wearable art for the discerning collector who values the unique and the sublime.


The Mermaid Bracelet in Blue: A Symphony of Sea and Sky

Adorning the wrist is the Mermaid Bracelet in Blue, a delicate ripple of elegance and artistry. Handcrafted with a myriad of crystals and natural stones, this bracelet is a reflection of the serene depths and sparkling surface of the ocean.

The Mermaid Queen Bracelet in Blue: A Regal Statement

The Mermaid Queen Bracelet in Blue, with its significant agate slices and mesmerizing galaxy druzy, is a bold declaration of oceanic royalty. The fine wire work and a cascade of alloy chains create an exquisite waterfall effect, exemplifying Viviana Puello's unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Mermaid Queen Tiara: The Ocean's Halo

The Mermaid Queen Tiara is the crown jewel, adorned with the most precious crystals and blue agates, resting upon the head like the radiant corona of the sea, turning the wearer into a vision of marine majesty.

The Mermaid Queen Collar in Blue: The Heart of the Ocean

The collar of the ensemble, the Mermaid Queen Collar in Blue, is a magnificent piece that captivates all eyes, embodying the power and beauty of the ocean's heart.

The Deep Ocean Back Accent: A Cascade of Splendor

The Deep Ocean Back Accent is a masterful creation, featuring over 100 crystals and natural stones that cascade down the back, an extraordinary piece of art that completes the Mermaid Queen's allure.

A Pledge to Environmental Stewardship

In an act of profound generosity, 25% of the proceeds from the sale of these items are donated to Artists For A Green Planet, a division of, making each purchase a step towards supporting environmental advocacy through art.

A Collector's Dream

These unique pieces are destined for a collector who is passionate about art, uniqueness, and the enchantment of the ocean's treasures. Owning this collection is a statement of refined taste and a love for the unparalleled beauty that only nature and artistic mastery can create. Shop this look and be the sole guardian of the Mermaid Queen ensemble, a collection that not only adorns but also tells a tale of the deep—a single collector's dream, a single opportunity to own a slice of the ocean's majesty.

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