A Fusion of Worldly Elegance and Artisanal Heritage

In the heart of New York City, amidst the bustle of boundless creativity, stands Viviana Puello Jewelry—a brand that captures the essence of a rich Caribbean heritage from Cartagena, Colombia's treasured port city. Viviana Puello, an artist of profound vision and the dynamic CEO of ArtTour International Magazine and TV, brings to life a collection of jewelry that marries the spirit of her Colombian roots with the finesse of New York's cosmopolitan allure.

From Cartagena’s Shores to New York’s Skyline

At 17, Viviana set sail from the balmy breezes of Cartagena to the towering ambitions of New York. She carried with her the vivid blues of the Caribbean Sea and the golden aura of its sun-kissed beaches, weaving these elements into the very fabric of her jewelry designs. Each piece, a narrative in itself, echoes the historic charm of her coastal upbringing while embracing the pace of her chosen city.

A Show-Stopping Debut on the Fashion Stage

The unveiling of Viviana Puello's Sacred Waters 2024 Collection at New York Fashion Week was more than a debut; it was a revelation. Her designs, adorned by models on the runway, were a powerful tribute to sustainable luxury, melding artistic innovation with a call to environmental consciousness.

The Singular Collector’s Emblem

Viviana Puello Jewelry is for the collector with an eye for the extraordinary. Each piece is not just worn but experienced—a singular statement of elegance for the individual who walks hand-in-hand with beauty and purpose.

An Investment in Art and Earth

With every acquisition from Viviana Puello Jewelry, patrons make a lasting impact. Ten percent of all proceeds are devoted to Artists For A Green Planet, supporting the verdant cause of environmental stewardship.

In the world crafted by Viviana Puello, jewelry is more than an embellishment—it is a connection to a story, a culture, and a planet. Discover the collection, and let your choice be a hallmark of worldly elegance and artisanal heritage.

What Our Custumers Say ?

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